Enhancing Our Community

Why is enhancing our community so important?

Our sense of community is closely linked with our sense of belonging.  Cities with healthy vibrant communities attract people and keep people there.  They are desirable places to live.  They are productive and enhance the local economy.  I believe that Warrnambool already is a wonderful community.  I want to do what I can to enhance our community.  I want to help build this city – this community – in whatever way I can.  I am sure you do to.

Community Events

I am a firm believer that participation in community events is a huge key to creating a vibrant, happy, and positive cultural environment.  I believe this council is already making a wonderful effort to enhance our local community through events such as Fun4Kids and WUNTA.


I applaud those who put in countless hours of volunteer work for a cause they believe in.  Volunteers are a special breed.  They bring so much life to our communities, and have the ability to change so many peoples lives.  I believe that the Council needs to facilitate additional support for this sector of the community.

Amazon Sports Star Awards – Finalist – Volunteer Category


I was honoured to be a finalist for the recent Amazon Sports Star awards – Volunteer category for my work organising the Shipwreck Coast Fishing Classic and Sustainable Fishing Exhibit.

Regional Achievement and Community Awards


I was also a semi-finalist for the South West TAFE & Deakin University South West Regional Achiever award for volunteering and community work in South West Victoria.

Sporting Facilities

Sporting facilities such as Reid Oval provide enormous community benefit.  I see the rejuvination of existing facilities and the incorporation of additional sporting ovals around Warrnambool as a priority.


Warrnambool is a tourist town.  It is part of who we are and we have embraced it!  Tourists bring in a much needed economic boost to our community.  They are drawn to the region by our iconic landmarks and wonderful community.  People see Warrnambool as a family friendly town and the perfect place to holiday.

It is estimated that around 2.5 million people visit the 12 apostles annually.  This figure is forecast to increase to around 5 million by 2030.  Warrnambool sits in a great position to take advantage of this tourism influx, but we need to work out how to make it happen.  The Shipwreck Coast Master Plan is due for completion over the next few years.  It is vital that we get this right if we want to position ourselves as a prime tourist town into the future.

My Pledge To You

I am committed to working with the Council to enhance our local community for the benefit of all.  I am committed to assisting the volunteering section of the community by prioritising the provision of additional resources and training.   I believe the rejuvenation of existing sporting facilties (primarily Reid Oval) and the incorporation of additional sporting ovals around Warrnambool is a priority.

I am committed to ensuring the Shipwreck Coast Master Plan positions Warrnambool as a prime tourist town into the future.