I am keen for my kids to live their own lives in a world without excessive pollution, without the extinction of our local wildlife, and without the fear of food or water shortages.

A few of my Sustainability Initiatives include:

St Pius X Primary School – Warrnambool


I am currently assisting St Pius with the implementation of the Resource Smart Schools Sustianability Program.  I am on the School Advisory Committee to implement the sustainability program throughout the school curriculum. I commend St Pius X for the wonderful way the school has embraced the sustainability concepts and I am extremely encouraged at the commitment this school is making to make their facility as sustainable as possible.

Shipwreck Coast Fishing Classic and Sustainable Fishing Exhibit

I am the founder and organiser of the annual Sustainable Fishing Exhibit held at the Warrnambool Breakwater in March each year.  Warrnambool boasts the only Sustainable Fishing Exhibit in the state, and possibly the country.  For the past 3 years this exhibit has been held in conjunction with the annual Shipwreck Coast Fishing Classic.


The exhibit aims to provide information and educational material to the fishing public on our local aquatic environment, responsible fishing practices, and kids participation in the sport.  The aim is to educate the younger generation to understand the environmental issues around fishing, and invoke generational change in the way the fishing community value fisheries resources and participate in the sport.

Aquaponics in my own backyard

We only have a small backyard, but we work together to produce fish and veggies from our aquaponics system.  This is an organic facility and uses minimal energy – the whole system runs on a 35w pump.  The veggies are grown in the same water we use to grow the fish.  We produce around 80kg of fish and many buckets of veggies each year.

You can find out more about our backyard aquaponics system at these links:

You-Tube – Tour of my backyard aquaponics system

Bluestone Magazine – Dip into the fishy world of aquaponics



Some of the trout from our backyard.  These fish were stocked only 9 months prior and weigh between 600g and 1.1kg.



Some of the trout on ice ready for the table.

My Pledge to you

I want the best possible future for our kids – and I am sure you want the same.  I love to see our Council embracing sustainability and utilising resources in a sustainable manner. I am keen for residents to also understand and appreciate the impact we have on this planet.  I will be embracing sustainability wherever possible, and encouraging others to do the same.