Warrnambool Harbour

I am Secretary of the Warrnambool Offshore and Light Game Fishing Club and a regular user of the Warrnambool harbour boat ramp.

I know first hand how difficult it can be to launch and retrieve boats in our harbour.  The surge up the boat ramp is unpredictable and dangerous, with damage to boats and injuries common.  This is just not good enough.  How long before we have a serious incident??

A safe boat ramp will give our club members confidence to launch from Warrnambool instead of heading to other towns in our region to fish.  This will also encourage others from outside our region to visit, stay, and enjoy our wonderful city.

My Pledge To You

I will actively be pursuing the best possible outcome for a safe boat launching facility at Warrnambool.  I am determined to see safe boat launching facilities in our harbour precinct to make our oceans safely accessible for locals and tourists alike.


The Warrnambool district boasts some of the best recreational fishing in South West Victoria, from trout and perch to gummy sharks and tuna.  The lower Hopkins and Merri have sensational bream, estuary perch and the occasional mulloway, whilst the beaches are noted for their salmon and king george whiting fishing.

Warrnambool council elections

I am absolutely passionate about fish and anything fishy.  I am also passionate about environmental issues surrounding the aquatic environment, the sustainability of our recreational fisheries, and the education of recreational fishers in responsible fishing practices.  I will do what I can to ensure we have sustainable fishing into the future – for my kids and yours.


I have been heavily involved in the annual Shipwreck Coast Fishing Classic over the past 3 events.  This is a wonderful community initiative by the Warrnambool Offshore and Light Game Fishing Club.  It is a huge public fishing competition with over $60,000 in prizes and over 70 sponsors – most of which are local.

Warrnambool council elections

It does not matter whether you are chasing tuna and kingfish offshore, or throwing a line in the Hopkins.  Fishing provides an outlet and a productive pastime for so many people in this region.  The economic benefits of recreational fishing to our region is substantial.  It makes social and economic sense to promote recreational fishing, and I will be pursuing avenues to enhance our local recreational fisheries where possible.

Warrnambool council elections

My Pledge To You

I pledge to ensure recreational fishing values are protected in the rivers, estuaries, beaches, harbours, and oceans around our magnificent city, especially when assessing development applications and permits.